Elena Bonvicini

My Story

My name is Elena Bonvicini.  I am 19 years old and study at the University of Southern California.  I created EB Denim about a year ago and began by selling shorts that I cut from jeans that I bought at thrift stores.  After looking at hundreds of pants wondering how I could change them into something different and stylish, I came up with the idea of creating seams on the front and back of Levis 501s to take men’s pants and turn them into women’s pants.  The original pair I created (Original Reinvented Vintage 501) has seams running all the way through the front and back of the pants which make the pockets unusable.  Some told me that the pockets look strange and questioned my idea, but I loved the look and ran with it.  I was lucky enough to land a spot in a gorgeous and chic store called Jolie in Newport Beach the summer going into college, and that not only gave me confidence in my product but enabled me to expand and produce more.  I studied abroad in Rome, Italy my first semester of college (Fall 2017), making it hard for me to manage a lot, so  I had my good friend Paige Solaas running my business while I was away.   In this time, we sent jeans to dozens of bloggers, and I was blessed to have two of Vogue’s top 10 global influencers wearing and loving my jeans.  This was when the dream started becoming a reality.  I was getting purchases from my website from women all over the world. Still abroad, I sent sketches of new designs to my seamstress and had Paige send me photos of her in the final product. Once I returned home, I was able to see my new designs in person and had a photoshoot to publish them on the website.  I am also currently working on my Spring 2018 collection which will feature embroidery work from one of my peers at USC.   I am extremely excited and eager for what is to come. Follow me on Instagram for a better insight on my life.  I am always looking to collaborate and create, so if you have some fresh ideas make sure to send me a message.